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January 10th, 2014 -

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Happy New Year!

Jan 2nd, 2014 - Well it's a new year, and thank goodness! To be honest I was getting pretty tired of 2013; I read fewer books during the year than any year previously, I was injured or ill half the time, and generally felt unhealthy. Most importantly, I was fairly unproductive! Most of what I wrote during the year ended up in the scrap heap.

On the plus column, there was one huge development, which is that I got engaged to be married! Jessica, my long suffering companion, agreed to marry me, and she even said yes on the first try! We're in the late planning stages of the wedding, which won't be an enormous affair, but so far it sounds pretty cool. Hopefully late summer/early fall at this point.

Progress was made on the exterior of the house, with the huge vegetable garden going in the back, taking up around half of it. There was a learning curve in building such a thing and growing so many varieties, and most of them got a late start due to the necessity of actually building the damn thing, but it ended up producing pretty well. I suppose the interesting thing about it besides how large it is would be that it's a no-till garden; no digging allowed. A layer of around one foot of wood chips was laid directly over the lawn, mixed into this was a great deal of charcoal, the fancy hardwood chunk kind you'd barbecue with, broken into chunks of various sizes. Within a month, the grass was consumed, and by the end of the season, the ground was quite a bit softer. I expect a great deal better this coming season.

Not that I was slacking in 2013, but this year the goal is to work harder, longer, read more, produce more work, update this silly website that nobody reads more, take more pictures, and transform the landscaping around my little house/studio. I'm working on my Wind Quintet, which I've been plugging at off and on for a few years now I'm also planning on composing some art songs during 2014, a piece for 'cello and piano, some work(s) for solo piano, and who knows, perhaps something bigger.

I suppose that's it folks, that's 2013 and plans for 2014 in a nutshell. I know hardly anybody reads this, but anybody who does or accidentally happens across this will find my best wishes for your 2014, and know that I honestly hope you have a productive and happy year!
More later,

A Few Pictures of Mine

To begin with, some of my favorites from amongst my photography. A picture of a fair carney, some penguins made from flowers, a street shot of a restaurant worker, and an old bridge over the Des Plaines River.

Accompanying are a portrait of a former student of mine, a classic car in Geneva, IL., a young cyclist in urban territory, and workers preparing carnival rides.

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